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Treat yourself to a snorkelling adventure. Dive in the crystal clear waters and marvel at the abundance of fascinating aquatic life swimming in the waters of Mantanani Island. See countless species of fish and other sea life as you glide through the water.

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(Seasonal : beginning March to end July)

On a rare magical night, you may witness one of world’s most spellbinding natural phenomena – the bioluminescence or Blue Plankton. This amazing visual effects that border on supernatural will definitely be one of the most surreal and magical moments ever.


Let us take you to the most romantic spot on the island, where you can see the bright orange, red and yellow pastels of the sensational evening light streaks across the horizon before dipping behind the ocean; allowing the moon to glow for that romantic ending to your day.


Share a delighful day in the sun at our Resort. After a day of invigorating swim, what better way to pass a sunny afternoon than playing volleyball on the pristine beach of Mantanani. Feel free to compete in thrilling matches against family, friends, or make new friends by competing with other guests!


Our fishing activities are sure to thrill avid fans and beginners alike. Enjoy a peaceful afternoon of fishing from a deserted island or learn how to fish like the local fishermen. Try catching a fish standing on the beautiful shoreline of Sutera@Mantanani with your family and friends and experience the exhilarating feel of getting that catch of the day.


Take a kayak out for a spin around the island! With the crystal-clear water, you’ll be able to see plenty of marine life below the surface. The calm waters make for ideal kayaking conditions, and no experience is required!


Show off your soccer skills and join in one of everyone’s favourite sports for a fun activity on the beach. Excellent ways to burn off the calories and have fun with friends, you are welcomed to enjoy a round of this favourite game or organise an impromptu tournament right on the beach of Sutera@Mantanani.

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If you are the kind of person who loves adrenaline or simply want your kids to enjoy this fun activity in the middle of the sea, we are the ultimate destination for you! Add you fun experience by jumping on our trampoline either on the open ocean or on the beautiful sandy white beach of Sutera@Mantanani.











Mantanani Island - Welcome To The Best Island In Kota Kinabalu​

Mantanani islands form three small islands located northwest of Kota Belud, which takes about an hour’s drive from the Kota Kinabalu.

These islands also take approximately 55 minutes speed boat ride from the mainland Kuala Abai Jetty. Mantanani Island is considered to be one of the popular Kota Kinabalu islands for its picturesque scenery, relaxing breeze and serene environment.

There is no word that could describe the beauty of the Mantanani Island – simply just a Perfect Paradise for Vacation!

Discover the Hidden Gem of KK Island

Complete your tropical KK Island getaway with a stay at Sutera @ Mantanani Island Resort & Spa with a breath-taking open ocean view now.

We have everything that would give you the perfect stay vacation. Experience the great escape with the best Kota Kinabalu Island Resort accommodation and holiday packages with us now!

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Experience the Wonder Activities of KK Island with Us Now

Let’s indulge yourself with the various activities available to go with your stay. Make this an ideal beach setting for your island retreat ever!


Take a sneak peek at the world under the sea – the marine world. Enjoy the crystal-clear waters of the beach by snorkelling at the fantastic sites of KK Island. You can also uncover a variety of diving sites around Mantanani Islands including the wreck sites for serious divers which are now home to a menagerie of marine creatures.

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The Discovery of Mantanani Island

The island is now yours to explore for a perfect stay vacation. Discover what this mermaid island offers as you snorkel, dive, and participate in a water sport or simply relax and relish the stunning views of the sunset over the horizon.

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Kota Kinabalu Island - Your Perfect Stay Vacation

If you are thinking of going for an escapade or relaxation of breaking free from the hustle and bustle of city life, then Mantanani Island is your ideal vacation. Let’s indulge yourself and get lost in the relaxing island life now.

Refresh your body, mind and your delicate soul by lazing on the sandy beaches, explore the island paradise on a Kayak or scuba diving activities that you would not forget. Make your reservation with us now!